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03.05.2024 | [EN] "COPILOT COMPLIANCE & SECURITY - use with courage, but safely" | Ragnar Heil | Rencore

03.05.2024 | [EN] "COPILOT COMPLIANCE & SECURITY - use with courage, but safely" | Ragnar Heil | Rencore



Topic:: "CCOPILOT COMPLIANCE & SECURITY - use with courage, but safely"
Speakers:: Ragnar Heil (LinkedIn) | Rencore
Date: Friday, 03.05.2024
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (with 3 breakout sessions until 10:30 am)
Focus topic: LEGAL TECH
Location: Online Community Event
Language: English


As Global Director, Ragnar Heil is responsible for the Partner & Alliances Business at Rencore. Through his activities in the M365 and Modern Work community, Microsoft has honored him with the MVP Award, the first award he received in 2017.

He co-hosts the bi-weekly Microsoft 365 news show "Alex & Ragnar" as well as the monthly video livestream "Guardians of M365 Governance" with Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Christian Buckley.

Ragnar also curates content and blogs for the IT news portal Tekki Gurus. He is the founding member of the Working Out Loud community and the Responsive Organization movement in Germany. He has published several books and articles on social intranets, digital business and brand ambassadors.


Microsoft Copilot for M365 should not be rolled out without security, compliance and governance to avoid data leaks. These can not only stop Copilot roll-outs  but cause greater damage.

 At a time when security and compliance are more important than ever, the introduction of AI tools like Copilot represents a significant leap forward. This stream then provides insight into the Purview Suite, Microsoft's integrated solution for managing compliance, governance and risk in your organization.

  • Copilot
  • M365
  • Purview
  • governance
  • Compliance


Whitepaper: https://rencore.com/en


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